The People of McCallum Printing Group
One of McCallum Printing's greatest strengths is its people. As an employee-owned organization, our staff takes great pride in our company and the quality of our work and service to customers. Our senior management group represents more than a century of experience in the printing industry. They have lived through many different business cycles and technological changes. Because of their loyalty and the commitment of our production and sales staff, McCallum Printing has achieved a consistent record of growth and financial success.
We have secured senior print experts with complementary skill sets in every area of the business. Years of industry experience ranges from 10 to more than 40 years. The company has an unusually high number of account executives compared to production staff. This is primarily due to the efficiency and speed in which jobs are produced. Having more account executives also allows more time for attending to customers' needs, making customer service a priority. All of the account executives, as well as production and support staff, are highly skilled.
McCallum Printing Group's account executives are unique in that they are not paid on a commission-based compensation plan. Thus, they are motivated to provide the most cost-effective and efficient technological solution for every given job.
We are an employer of choice in our industry and therefore benefit from very low employee turnover.
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